About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2002, PENDAZI a Swahili word that means you like. Our motto and the basis of founding pendazi was to empower entrepreneurship in all of us. Our goal is to propagate e-commerce by expanding the thinking of many that they can also venture into e-commerce and sell online. We provide information on how to get started on e-commerce by setting up an online store, providing information on which is the best e-commerce platforms and where to find products to sell online.

Pendazi.com also brings together consumers of services and goods with the business that supplies those services and products online. It provides consumers with e-businesses information on their products, their geographical information, hours of operation, and reviews. Pendazi.com provides businesses with links to information on all web, mobile, applications and marketing solutions so that they can attract more customers to their businesses.
It also makes it easy to communicate via our platform with potential customers. Featured categories of business are e-commerce websites and all other categories of e businesses. t is free to be listed on pendazi.com

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