Company Overview

Founded in 2017, PENDAZI is a Swahili word meaning "you like”. Back in 2002, Grace Ngumi thought of developing a marketplace where people can buy and sell trending and unique products. Pendazi is the brainchild of Grace Ngumi. She has been in the online business for quite some time and has a successful selling experience on various platforms. Pendazi is a place where individual sellers can sell a variety of products and connect with other sellers and buyers. 

The goal of Pendazi was to bring together both buyers and sellers on a single platform and to promote entrepreneurship. Not only that, but Pendazi also provides information and assists new sellers on how to get into the field of e-commerce and how and where they can find the best products. It provides a marketplace where there is no trouble with paying high fees. For the buyers, Pendazi works as a marketplace to purchase unique and popular products. It offers the best deals to them. They just need to sign up and shop the various shops in the marketplace. Pendazi features over 200+ popular brands. For the sellers, Pendazi provides the sellers to sell their products through its platform. Sellers have to sign up as sellers and once their request has been approved, they can list their products for free. They can list one item at a time or list them in bulk. Benefits of Pendazi for Buyers and Sellers Alike The commerce and retail world has grown quite rapidly and has literally brought the world to our fingertips with the internet. There is a much bigger market for sellers and there is a lot more variety for the buyers as well. No matter what a person wishes to buy from electronics, apparel, cosmetics, sports gear, toys, or home appliances, the buyers have so many sellers and brands to choose from. Having a big platform such as Pendazi, the sellers are able to reach a wide range of buyers which would not have been possible two decades ago. The surge of online marketplaces from companies like Pendazi has made e-commerce efficient and effective. Here is what Pendazi brings to the table for both buyers and sellers: Simplified Process of Sales: A large number of potential buyers are hesitant about online shopping especially when they are not really familiar with the payment platform. With Pendazi, people find themselves in a familiar territory where things are easy. Brand Boost: Brand recognition, brand image, and having a solid online brand presence are extremely important today. With an established marketplace such as Pendazi, new entrants are able to bring their brand to the top. It is a great way to make your company get noticed in the online retail market. Excellent ROI for sellers: The majority of online marketplaces give affordable annual membership deals. Not a lot of companies are able to achieve this and that too, with a small investment. The ROI happens to be great for sellers if compared with other forms of business development activities. Unparalleled access: No doubt that the internet has brought everyone and everything closer and has broken down the geographical boundaries. But there is a lot more going on. How can the buyers and sellers find each other among the plethora of websites which exist? Pendazi is an online marketplace that puts you in touch with the right person whether you are a seller or a buyer. Network Expansion: In order to survive in the modern world of today, businesses are investing both time, effort, and money in networking. An online marketplace such as Pendazi provides just the right opportunity to do so with no extra cost to burn a hole in your pocket. Market Research Data: To make your business thrive in this cut-throat competitive industry, it is crucial to know what your competitors are doing. Staying informed is very important. With an online marketplace, you can both compare and contrast what others are doing and how they are able to do it. Pendazi is an e-commerce platform that has an expansive range of products from both national and international brands and has everything from electronics, toys, and clothes for men and women to cosmetics and sports gear. Check out their amazing offers and product range.